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Hey there, digital world wanderers! Welcome to our space, where WordPress problems meet their solutions. Imagine us as the fix-it folks of WordPress, the ones you reach out to when your site needs a little (or a lot of) tender loving care.

From pesky bugs to performance tune-ups, we’re all about keeping your WordPress site in top-notch condition.

Our Journey: Born to Solve WordPress Problems

It all started with a shared passion for all things WordPress. We’re a team of tech enthusiasts, problem solvers, and customer care experts who believe in the power of a well-running website. While we don’t build sites from scratch, we’re the superheroes you call for every other WordPress need.

Our expertise lies in transforming and fine-tuning your existing site, ensuring it operates smoothly and efficiently. We thrive on tackling the toughest WordPress challenges, turning potential headaches into digital victories.

Why Choose Us?
  • WordPress Repair Experts: Broken links? Slow loading time? Theme issues? We’ve seen it all, and we’ve fixed it all. Our team is equipped with the tools and know-how to repair any WordPress issue.

  • Migration Maestros: Moving your site to a new host or domain can be tricky, but not with us on your team. We ensure a smooth, seamless migration that keeps your data safe and your website intact.

  • Optimization Gurus: A slow website is a no-go in our books. We optimize your WordPress site for speed and performance, ensuring your visitors enjoy a fast, frustration-free browsing experience.

  • Troubleshooting Wizards: We love a good puzzle. When something’s not working right on your WordPress site, we dive deep to find the root cause and fix it efficiently.

  • Long-Term Guardians: We don’t just fix and run. We’re here for the long haul, ready to provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep your site in top shape.

webs mechanic

Meet our team

WordPress Website Mechanic in Your Service.



Admin & Founder

About Me

Welcome to Webs Mechanic! My name is PARMES, and I am the heart & soul behind this website. With a decade of hands-on experience as a WordPress freelancer, I’ve wandered through the ever-evolving WordPress landscape . Sharpening my skills with every challenge, every project.

As the founder of WebsMechanic.com, I’ve gathered all my passion for WordPress and a rich experience in a single beautiful window where WordPress excellence is not just promised, but a standard.

Come along, let’s dive into the potential of your digital presence – powered and beautified with my expertise and dedication to the craft.


Your Guide to Instant Answers!

What services does your website offer?2024-02-14T23:51:42+05:30

We specialize in WordPress migration, malware removal, fix & restore hacked website, troubleshooting, ongoing maintenance, and backups, along with email migration services to streamline your digital presence.

How does the migration process work for a WordPress site?2024-02-14T23:48:09+05:30

Our migration service includes a comprehensive transfer of your data, themes, and plugins from one server to another with minimal downtime, ensuring a smooth transition.

Can you fix my WordPress site if it’s broken or hacked?2024-02-14T23:48:09+05:30

Absolutely! Our team is skilled in diagnosing and resolving issues ranging from simple glitches to recovering hacked sites, ensuring your WordPress remains secure and functional.

What maintenance services do you provide for WordPress websites?2024-02-14T23:48:09+05:30

Regular updates, security checks, performance optimizations, and troubleshooting to keep your site running smoothly and securely.

How do you handle backups for WordPress sites?2024-02-14T23:48:09+05:30

We perform regular, automated backups of your website data, which are stored securely and can be quickly restored if needed.

How can I get started with your WordPress services?2024-02-14T23:48:08+05:30

Browse through our services page section or contact us through our website or customer support to discuss your needs and get a tailored service package. Our team is ready to assist with your needs!

Is there downtime during WordPress migration or maintenance?2024-02-14T23:48:08+05:30

We strive to minimize downtime by performing migrations and maintenance during off-peak hours, ensuring little to no disruption to your online operations.

What measures do you take to secure WordPress sites?2024-02-14T23:48:08+05:30

Our security protocol includes the updating of plugins and themes, malware scanning, firewalls, and best practices for activating two-factor authentication login.

How long does a typical WordPress site migration take?2024-02-14T23:48:09+05:30

The timeline can vary depending on the size and complexity of your site, but we aim for a swift and efficient migration, typically completed within a few hours to a couple of days.

What is involved in email migration services?2024-02-14T23:48:09+05:30

We ensure a seamless transition of your email systems to a new platform, including the transfer of all existing emails, and setup of mx/dns records with minimal disruption.


Your Guide to Instant Answers!

Real-life results

We generate results for our customers

“I got very scared when I got the security issue with my websites. All my websites got hacked one by one due to being hosted on the same server. Then I met Mr. Parmes, who genuinely helped me secure all my websites and their data. He is so perfect at migrating websites from one server to another in very little time. He also helped me boost my website’s performance on Google. No doubt, go with WebsMechanic.com for better security and website migration services. Full 5 stars and a 10/10 score.”

Parveen Sindhar

Parveen Sindhar, Founder (quoteideas.com)

“I recently used Webs Mechanic for WordPress migration, and it was a game-changer. The transition was seamless, with zero downtime. I’m impressed with their expertise and smooth process!”

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Priya Singh

“When my WordPress site was hacked, I was devastated. But Webs Mechanic stepped in and restored everything quickly. They secured my site and got it back up like nothing ever happened. Forever grateful!”


Evan Hoffman

“Migrating emails can be a nightmare, but not with Webs Mechanic. They handled my entire email migration without a hitch, and not a single email was lost. Communication with my team didn’t skip a beat!”


Richard Jeremy

“I was skeptical about moving my WordPress site, fearing data loss and downtime. But Webs Mechanic managed the migration so professionally that my site was up and running on the new host faster than I expected!”


Brent Schull

“Dealing with a hacked WordPress site is stressful, but the team at Webs Mechanic made the restore process incredibly smooth. They were quick, responsive, and my site was restored with enhanced security measures!”


Elizabeth Varela

“The email migration service from Webs Mechanic was exceptional. They ensured a seamless transition with detailed attention to preserving all my data. My business communication was uninterrupted and even more efficient!”


Jay C. McLendon