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Google WorkSpace

Migrate your emails to or from Google WorkSpace (gmail).

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Microsoft 365

Migrate your emails to or from Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365).

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Zoho Mail

Migrate your emails to or from Zoho Mail.

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Godaddy Mail

Migrate your emails to or from Godaddy Mail Account.

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Yahoo Mail

Migrate your emails to or from Yahoo Mail.

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Other Mail (IMAP)

Migrate your emails to or from other mail account (IMAP).

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1st Approach We Follow


In an initial exploration, we brainstorm ways to enchance our email migration service by discovering customer pain points, generating out of the box solutions and planing their implementation. Through iteration, this process ensures ongoing evolution and a migration process that is truly customer-centric.

2nd Approach We Follow

Project Workflow

In our second approach, we employ a structured project workflow for email migration. The workflow includes a consolidation of the initial consultation, data migration planning and execution, and post-migration support stages. Ours is an approach that delivers clarity, efficiency and results for our customers.

3rd Approach We Follow

Support & Delivery

The third approach we take prioritizes robust support and seamless delivery throughout the email migration process; providing expert guidance, proactive communications, and an attentive customer service touchpoint to ensure a smooth transition and customer satisfaction every step of the way.

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Welcome to our website! At, we know the importance of great email migration. Our team is committed to offering best email migration services, regardless of what email platform you’re switching from. Please poke around on our site, there is a lot of great info here, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to stress that our mission is to make your migration effortless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is email migration?2024-02-14T22:36:29+05:30

Email migration is the process of moving all your emails from one email system or provider to another. This allows you to switch email providers or move to a new email setup while keeping all your existing emails.

Why should I migrate my email?2024-02-14T22:46:48+05:30

There are several reasons you may want to migrate your email:

  • Switching email providers or servers
  • Moving from an old email system to a newer, better system
  • Consolidating multiple email accounts into one
  • Gaining more features and functionality with a different email service
  • Changing workplace email systems due to a job change or office migration
What gets transferred in an email migration?2024-02-14T22:54:20+05:30

An email migration typically transfers:

  • All emails in your inbox, sent items, archives, etc.
  • Email folders, labels, attachments and archived emails
  • Contacts (for now we don’t migrate contacts)
  • Calendars (for now we don’t migrate calenders)
What email systems and providers do you support migration for?2024-02-14T22:56:45+05:30

We support email migration to and from all major email platforms and providers including:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Gmail
  • Outlook/Hotmail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • iCloud Mail
  • Zoho Mail
  • Other IMAP/POP enabled systems
Can you help me choose the right new email system?2024-02-14T23:00:29+05:30

Yes! We provide free consultations to help you select the most appropriate email platform based on your specific needs and preferences. Just contact us to learn more.

How secure and private is your migration service?2024-02-14T23:01:02+05:30

Our email migration process is fully secure, using encryption protocols to protect your data. We also never store or retain any client emails post-migration. You have full privacy, security and ownership throughout the process.

Will emails be lost or damaged during migration?2024-02-14T23:01:35+05:30

We take every precaution to prevent data loss or damage. Our tools are designed to smoothly transfer all emails intact along with their original metadata and content. If any errors occur, our migration experts remediate them right away.

How long does an email migration take?2024-02-14T23:02:29+05:30

The total migration duration depends on your specific email volume. Small migrations may only take 1-2 days. Large enterprise migrations with huge mailboxes can take 1-2 weeks. We provide timeline estimates prior to starting every migration.

How much does it cost to migrate each email account?2024-03-02T11:12:27+05:30

Our fee is $10 USD per email account migrated. So if you need to migrate 5 employee mailboxes to a new email system, the total cost would be 5 x $10 = $50.

We charge on a per-user basis because the time and complexity of migrating each employee’s mailbox is roughly equivalent regardless of exact email volume. This simple $10 per-account pricing makes it easy to estimate total migration costs for your company. We discounts on more than 10 emails ID migration. Contact us for the free quote.

Do you offer any discounts on multiple email migrations?2024-02-24T23:11:44+05:30

Yes, volume discounts are available! Migrating higher numbers of mailboxes gives pricing benefits as follows:

11-20 accounts: 20% off
21-50 accounts: 25% off
51+ accounts: 30% off

If you are planning a migration for your whole company department or enterprise, contact us to discuss further quantity discounts. We aim to make large scale email transitions seamless and affordable for organizations.