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Our experienced team utilizes proven security protocols and meticulous threat removal techniques to eliminate malware and help you achieve a safe, functional WordPress website aligned with your goals.

Malicious Redirects

We remove this malware that redirects, take visitors to unwanted websites, often containing malware or scams.

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We remove this malware that changes the appearance of your website, often with the attacker’s own message or logo

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Common Malwares

We clean almost all the malicious scripts like backdoors, pharma hacks, iFrame injections, SEO spam, adware, skimmers, botnets, etc.

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It’s not about services,
It’s about ‘YOU’!

We know every WordPress site represents a vision. Malware is more than a nuisance, it threatens your dreams. Our service doesn’t just offer removal, we make a promise. To safeguard what matters most so your site not only recovers but thrives.


Malware attacks prevented.


Malwares scanned and removed.


Websites cleaned so far.

1st Approach We Follow


The first step our malware removal experts take is collaboratively brainstorming to gain a comprehensive understanding of the threats infecting your WordPress site. We leave no stone unturned in evaluating the malicious code, assessing the risks it poses, and mapping out an action plan tailored to your specific needs.

2nd Approach We Follow

Project Workflow

After brainstorming, our team establishes an efficient project workflow, designating tasks and setting milestones. With clear objectives mapped out, we meticulously execute segmented procedures from initial malware detection to threat elimination to performance optimization. Our streamlined process ensures a structured, coordinated effort.

3rd Approach We Follow

Support & Delivery

In the final stage, we provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure complete malware removal. Once your WordPress site is restored to full operational integrity, we deliver a comprehensive report detailing our process. Your satisfaction is our top priority throughout the threat elimination and site recovery process.

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As a WordPress user myself, I know how disruptive and damaging malware can be. When I founded this service, I made a commitment to help site owners not just erase malicious code, but realize their online vision. Our team’s sole purpose is defending your hard work against cyberthreats. I’m confident we have the expertise to secure your site and empower your success online.

PARMES – Founder (WebsMechanic.com)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress malware removal service?2024-02-18T11:00:23+05:30

Our WordPress website malware removal service is a professional offering designed to identify, eliminate, and prevent malware infections on WordPress websites. This service includes a comprehensive scan of your website, removal of any detected malware, and steps to secure your site against future attacks.

How do I know if my website is infected with malware?2024-02-18T11:02:26+05:30

A: Some common signs include:

  • Suspicious redirects: Visitors are redirected to spammy websites.
  • SEO changes: Your website ranking drops or you see malicious content injected.
  • Slow performance: Your website loads slowly or crashes frequently.
  • Login issues: You can’t access your admin panel or your password doesn’t work.
  • Unusual activity: You see unfamiliar user accounts or plugins installed.
How do you actually remove the malware from my site?2024-02-18T11:03:18+05:30

Our security experts manually investigate the infection, identify malicious code, and safely delete it without affecting your content.

How much does it cost to remove malware from a WordPress website?2024-03-02T11:07:56+05:30

The cost for our malware removal service is $30 USD per website. This fee includes a full website scan, malware removal, and basic security enhancements to help protect your website in the future.

How long does it take to remove malware from my website?2024-02-18T11:04:51+05:30

The time required to remove malware can vary depending on the extent of the infection and the size of your website. However, most malware removal tasks are completed within 24 to 48 hours after the service request is initiated.

Will my site be taken offline during the malware removal?2024-02-18T11:05:35+05:30

In most cases no. We use targeted cleaning techniques to discretely remove threats without downtime.

How can I prevent malware infections on my WordPress website in the future?2024-02-18T11:06:11+05:30

After removing the malware, we will implement basic security measures and provide you with recommendations to strengthen your website’s security. These may include updating WordPress and plugins to the latest versions, using strong passwords, and installing a reputable security plugin.

What if the malware returns after the removal service?2024-02-18T11:07:02+05:30

Our service includes a 30-day post-service guarantee. If the malware returns within 30 days of the removal service, we will address the issue at no additional cost. This guarantee applies to the same malware on the same website for which the service was initially provided.

How do I get started?2024-02-18T11:08:51+05:30

Use the above Order Button and fill the form and make payment to get started or contact us for a free consultation. We’ll discuss your website, analyze any potential threats, and answer any questions you have.